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We have been in business for 39 years. We have the experience, equipment and quality to make your home or business clean and presentable. We have powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. We also offer 1 hour dry time. Your carpet and furniture will be clean, soft and floral fresh. We pre-spot and pre-spray. We use an RX-20 connected to the truck mount that deep cleans the carpet and restores it to a like new condition by removing the matting from the carpet.

We proudly service Loveland, CO and all cities within a 50 mile radius including:

-Fort Collins

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• Trade Name Registered with state of Colorado

• 5-Star Home Advisor Pro
• Bonded and Insured

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Carpet Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Car Interior Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Green Carpet Cleaning
Duct Cleaning
Office Cleaning - Janitorial Services
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Loveland Carpet Cleaning Service: You want them Working with You

In today’s society, quality counts more than ever. It’s pretty tough to sell yourself or your service to prospective clients if you don’t maintain a quality image. Maintaining a clean office, and home for that matter, is often harder than it sounds. The condition of your carpets is one thing that can speak volumes about the quality of your office or home. Even with all of the tools available to the do-it-yourself enthusiast today, it is still difficult to get your own carpets up to standard.

When purchasing carpeting, every customer will usually question how easy it will be to maintain. No matter what you choose, a clean rug will always look great. Carpets are meant to be walked on. Yet, once a carpet gets dirty, you’re going to have a tough job on your hands. But, a professional Loveland carpet cleaning service can come to your rescue.

A quality Loveland carpeting cleaning service will provide expert care and reasonable prices. No matter what type of carpet you may have in your home or office, a Loveland carpet cleaning service will get it clean in no time.

Why Loveland Carpet Cleaning Service?

Some people might question the need for a Loveland carpet cleaning service. You’ll probably come across a lot of tips on the internet for cleaning carpets, such as using an ice cube to harden and lift chewing gum or getting food stains out with shaving cream. The problem with all of these helpful hints is that over time, they canleave your carpet with shadow stains, or little spots that don’t quite match the rest of the carpet. Why would you want to spend so much money on carpeting if you’re not going to take proper care of it?
A quality Loveland carpet cleaning service uses state-of-the-art cleaning systems and machinery to ensure that the carpet is never negatively affected by the cleaning process. You’ll be rid of dirt and stains, and your carpet will be returned to like-new condition.

One more thing that people really like about the Loveland carpeting cleaning service is that they strive for excellence. The company goes out of its way to ensure that all of the customer's needs are met. No matter how difficult the job is, experts will do everything possible to make the carpet clean once again. The Loveland carpet cleaning service has some of the most dedicated professionals in the industry, and it shows in the excellent job they do everyday.

Loveland Carpet Cleaning Service: Common Mistakes that People Make

When choosing a carpeting cleaning service, there are many things that people tend to forget. First, they fail to recognize the need for a carpet cleaning service. Normally, the homeowner assumes that that they can purchase or rent the carpet cleaning equipment and do a professional job. However, stain removal by non-professionals can eventually lead to a loss of color or texture, and basically ruin the appearance of the entire carpet. Some things are best left to the professionals, and carpet cleaning is one of them. Loveland carpet cleaning can safely clean your carpeting and keep it looking great for many years.

A common mistake people make is choosing the wrong company to clean their carpets. When it comes to your carpets, choose a company you can trust with your investment. You’ll want a carpet cleaning company that knows how to clean your carpet and will tailor a plan specifically for it. Many times there will be multiple cleaning systems that need to be implemented, especially if the carpet shows signs of heavy traffic or abuse. Choosing a skilled company like Loveland carpet cleaning service will lead to a perfect job.

Loveland Carpet Cleaning Service: When Doing it Yourself Isn’t the Best Idea

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to clean the carpet themselves. Many carpets have been discolored and completely ruined by the use of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods. While it is possible to clean the carpet yourself, it is advisable to call Loveland carpet cleaning service. After our professionals have cleaned your carpets, they can give you some helpful information about taking care of them between cleanings.

The length of time between cleanings can determine the life of your carpet. Dirt and stains left in a carpet can mean a shorter life span. If you don’t take care of your carpets, you could be ruining a significant investment in your home. Getting expert advice from a qualified Loveland carpet cleaning service on how often your carpets need cleaning will save you from this serious mistake.

In an effort to save money, many people try to clean their own carpets. But, in the long run, a qualified Loveland carpet cleaning service will save you money by properly maintaining your carpets. A well maintained carpet can look like new for many years. If your carpets are looking shabby, do the right thing and contact an experienced Loveland carpet cleaning service.
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Excellent Service. I’ve Already Recommended Starshine to several of my friends. They did a great job!
Terry, Longmont, Colorado
Starshine Cleaning Company did an extraordinary job cleaning the carpets; the rotary steam machine looked great! This is definitely the best process I have ever used.
Mary, Milliken, Colorado
They were friendly and reliable. It was easy to schedule the appointment and he did exactly the work he planned to do and a bit more! I will use him again for another cleaning.
Julie, Boulder, Colorado
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